Yayi is an environmentalist and photographer in New York City. Having interest in science and the arts is what led her to focus on eco-spirituality and ecofeminism concepts. Thus allowing her to make the connection between the body and mind within nature as a form of photographic therapy. Her work has been featured at Queens Museum, Greenpoint Gallery, and various events around NYC. 

She is also a food and water advocate holding a B.A.S. degree in Urban Sustainability with a concentration in Environmental Science from the City University of New York Brooklyn College. While studying, she was an Educator at NYCH2O leading water ecology tours for all age groups. Later, she worked as an Organizer for Food & Water Action helping to engage young voters in the 2018 New York State elections. Currently, she is focusing on a new small business venture called Truffling Yayi.

For more information on Yayi's work, to get in touch regarding employment opportunities, email gloriairisgarcia@gmail.com

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Photo credit Vicky Mathew

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